X5 Wellness Principles

X5 Wellness Principles

Principles provide a foundation for you to build on. As long as life is made up of opposites, your principles need to consider the balance between opposites. For example a balance between stability and fluidity.

Too much stability in principles makes them fragile. Too much fluidity makes them unreliable. The balance allows a solid and fluid foundation that lasts for a long time.

Your body is a perfect tangible example of this.

The solid parts of your body like your bones provide stability. Your movements are the result of transferring energy through and around the solid structures of your bones. For a minute, exercise your imagination by picturing in your mind that your bones were made up of a Jell-O like substance, and any pressure could bend them. How would you get out of bed, sit, stand or walk?

Your body also has parts that need to be flexible. The flexibility of your arteries allows blood with oxygen and nutrients to move through while regulating your blood pressure.  When arteries harden and become solid, you develop atherosclerosis, which is a serious cardiovascular condition.

What are X5 Wellness principles?

Awareness – experiences in life have three parts.

  1. You
  2. The external environment
  3. Your interactions

Transformations depend on your awareness of all these three parts. Expansion of awareness allows you to bring the solutions within your abilities to solve them. Without expansion of awareness solutions remain outside of your reach.

Entheos – Deep heartfelt desires help you accomplish anything. These give you enthusiasm. Entheos is another way to say the “spirit within” which is the root of the word enthusiasm. This is the fire at your core that could bring light and warmth to every one of your activities. For many this fire is covered under a layer of ash. Uncovering this fire is necessary for full expression in life and full experience of it.  With enthusiasm you no longer need outside motivation.

Reason – Undirected and out of control, desires could burn themselves and what is around them out. This is how the layer of ash is formed to cover them up. Your mind and reason could provide a safe structure for your desire to manifest and express.

Pareto principle –  About 20% of your daily activities produce measurable and tangible results. An even lesser percentage produces measurable and tangible results that make you happy. Learning how to spend your time and energy on this 20% makes you more productive and happier with more leisure time.  Allowing the other 80% to continue to occupy your mind is tiring, frustrating and unproductive. Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto first observed it in the beginning of the 20th century.

Kaizen – Life is constantly shifting and changing. It is unproductive to take a lot of time to plan for every known and unknown contingency. On the other hand planning is necessary for the mind to focus and for the emotions to fill the end results with a sense of fulfillment, to reach a destination and to live a dream. Kiazen is a mindset, a way of looking at the success in your planning process and the need for adaption to change. It means continuous and gradual improvement that includes goodness or virtue.

You can use these principles to establish spiritual, mental, emotional and physical changes.

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